Mutual appreciation is a key factor in business relations. We make every effort to design our solutions to the highest satisfaction of our customers.
Mutual appreciation is the starting point for seamless cooperation. Consequently, 100 percent of our appreciation for our customers flows into our solutions. For us it is important that we incorporate the wishes of our customers into everything we do, both now, and in the future.
Access to company information via the corporate dossier changes the way you communicate with your customers.
 We value your trust when using our solutions!


Our customers are our number one priority. And their satisfaction is our number one concern!


A constant and respectful exchange among business partners is important to us!


Our approach is part of the "Initiative der deutschen Wirtschaft"

However, appreciation not only plays an important role in the use of our products, but also in business relationships with your customers. To strengthen ties to your customers, you should show them your full respect and address their concerns to the best of your ability. This is how you cultivate well-deserved recognition for your products or services. For optimum customer management, we recommend that you use our solutions.

In the Unternehmensverzeichnis, every customer is allocated a unique identification number, the so-called EBID number. Using this EBID number, you can access centrally-stored information and, if you wish, enrich it with further information. And if you find yourself struggling with duplicate or outdated entries in your contact database, then you should use our EBID API. This enables you to integrate the information into your own in-house system.