EBID’s vision is to ensure more clarity between companies when they communicate. On the one hand, the EBID number enables information to be allocated to companies clearly, while also enabling the easy retrieval of information using this same number. Consequently, new start ups as well as any company changes are clearly recognizable.

The Unternehmensverzeichnis ensures that this data is available to you centrally and that it can be accessed from anywhere. And the time you save not having to research this information yourself, means that it can be better spent elsewhere.
Our solutions provide companies and decision-makers with a clear view of key information. This important company data can positively influence the decision-making process.


Gather information on each company with ease in our Unternehmensverzeichnis.


Companies can uniquely assign all the latest news on any new developments.


No need to lose time on long searches. Now, you can retrieve all the information you need centrally using our solutions.

 You can create unique contact data using the simple integration to your in-house CRM system. The advantages are clear. You no longer have to spend laborious hours enriching and maintaining your address and contact data, because any changes to this information are now recognized automatically and changed at just the click of a button. This helps to prevent duplicate entries in your system while making customer management significantly easier. Using the EBID API, it’s now really easy to achieve this level of information integration.