Address quality as a factor for success

Address quality as a factor for success in your companies

Address data are recognized as an important factor for success in companies and as a basis for efficiency in customer management, sales, marketing and many other functional areas. However, data quality is the most significant problem: According to statistics, on average, every fourth address data record in German companies is somehow lacking, whether that be in terms of errors, outdated or incomplete. The EBID solutions have created a new dimension for linked company information. This promises to be the longterm future of address management.

EBID number and company information

Using a central company directory which allocates companies an unmistakable ID – the so-called EBID number (European Business Identifier) address and contact data can be improved enormously. This leads to a number of advantages:

The EBID number can be integrated seamlessly into CRM and ERP systems, so that at the touch of a button company information can be verified and enriched with additional useful data. Using EBID numbers provides a number of benefits to the German economy as well as bringing more transparency and efficiency.