EBID number

EBID number networked company information

Almost every fourth company address listed in German company databases is either wrong or outdated – as a consequence major miscommunications in day-to-day business can occur. The Germany economy saw this as an opportunity to combat this problem by developing the Unternehmensverzeichnis.org directory which is basically a free directory of German companies and production facilities. Companies using this directory can easily identify other companies and production facilities listed therein. In fact, all the companies listed in the Unternehmensverzeichnis.org are allocated a unique identification number, the so-called EBID number or European Business Identifier.

The EBID number makes the administration of contact data much easier:

  • By ensuring an up-to-date address database which uses automatic data retrieval
  • simplifying data capture by using consistent structures
  • resolving duplicates for clear and unique company entries
  • preventing ambiguity by using unique data identification codes
  • employing automatic completion and updating or all information
  • making connections between business partners visible
  • enabling a central view of all company information
  • linking credit ratings with the respective company entries

Allowing you to enrich your address and contact database with additional up-to-date company information. This can ease the burden of your daily work.