Premium information

Premium information

With EBID Service AG provides you with a neutral platform for company information. The EBID number as a uniform company ID creates the initial conditions under which you can link further information regardless of its origin.

When using the Unternehmensverzeichnis you purchase a wide range of services which can help you to close deals with your customers. If you are about to close a deal, it’s nice to know that your prospective business partner can actually fulfill their obligations. The information you get from the Internet is often not enough to minimize the risks of business defaults – you have to look deeper. The following information is available through the Unternehmensverzeichnis to give you a much bigger picture of exactly what is going on with a company’s finances:

Information on the services

SCHUFA compact credit report

The SCHUFA compact credit report provides you with a reliable, clear and concise report of the most important information on your customers, prospects or business partners who are entered in the companies register. The information is summarized by SCHUFA and conveyed in the form of credit rating index – this gives you an immediate idea of the level of risk associated with a company regarding default probability. All of the data and information which flows into the credit rating index can be found in more detail in the SCHUFA compact credit report.

Register of companies dossier

The company register dossier provides you with a quick overview of any official announcements made a specific company to the companies’ register. To do this, data and changes to the HRA and HRB register departments in Germany are collected on a daily basis. This information is analyzed, sometimes partly editorially prepared, structured and then finally presented to you. Thus enabling you to access all the available publications quickly.

Excerpt from the Register of companies

The Register of companies excerpt is a concise overview of any official entries made to the Register of companies, regarding a specific company, the information is accurate at the time of submitting the request. Excerpts are a great way to ensure that you always have accurate company information at your finger tips which you can use as a reliable basis for informed business decisions.

Insolvency file

Companies go bankrupt and can harm other companies. Regardless of whether you are working with insolvency-prone industries or want to know more about your contractual partner: With the insolvency information you will be well-informed about insolvency announcements and gain insight into the history of insolvency proceedings.

Shareholder List

If you would like to know more about your counterpart before concluding the contract, then you can use the official list of shareholders to inform yourself beforehand. The list of shareholders answers important questions about the shareholders of a company such as: Will you be dealing with a legitimate negotiating partner during the closing of an imminent contract? Is an old contract really still valid? Who is the heir to a business interest? The list of shareholders offers you security and transparency regarding the respective companies.


The integrated premium service Echobot CONNECT compiles important information ranging from current financial and employee contact data, to interactive analyses of the most important keywords, social media news or companies register entries automatically and without you having to research this information actively yourself.

You will find more information in our product brochures and company reference reports.