Unternehmensverzeichnis directory

As an initiative of the German economy, the Unternehmensverzeichnis.org platform is a free directory of German companies and production facilities. To positively identify companies, the Unternehmensverzeichnis.org platform allocates each company a unique id-number, also known as the EBID number (European Business Identifier).

The Unternehmensverzeichnis provides you with all the very latest company information. This information helps to make cooperation with potential business partners much easier. Unternehmensverzeichnis provides the following information:

In addition, you can supplement and enrich this basic information with additional services – some of which is fee-based, for example:

In the Unternehmensverzeichnis directory you will find around 3.9 million businesses and companies, startups (updated daily) and much, much, more.

Searching in the Unternehmensverzeichnis.org

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